College Pro Window Cleaning Testimonial With Derek DrenthDerek Drenth is a first year College Pro Window Cleaning franchisee in the Burlington/Oakville area of Ontario, and he shared his experience with us while at a year-end banquet in Toronto, ON.


Derek says there are ups and downs to running your own business – the most challenging day of his summer was when he didn’t have enough hours for his window cleaning techs, and they decided to find other work. Derek was left frantically trying to find new workers on very short notice.   When reflecting on the best day of his summer, he said it was white water rafting along the Ottawa river during College Pro manager’s weekend, along with all the other young entrepreneurs in Ontario & Quebec.


The most significant thing Derek has taken away from his College Pro Window Cleaning experience is the skills he learned, including: sales, leadership, time management, and problem solving skill.  Derek says College Pro has changed his life – he’s more confident, is more skilled in the business world, and has made some money.


Derek has had a good experience with College Pro Window Cleaning, and says he wouldn’t chose any differently if he had the opportunity anew.  When he first got involved with College Pro, he wasn’t aware of the social aspects of the company.  He was pleasantly surprised to find the culture of College Pro to be very student-based, upbeat and fun, and he enjoyed attending social events with his colleagues.


With regards to his overall experience, Derek says, “It was definitely worth all the effort. I have gained so much experience and so many skills, had a lot of fun, and made a lot of money. I’m really excited to do it again next year.”


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