By: Ian Scheel, College Pro Painter & Franchise Owner

While I was a franchise manager for College Pro in Guelph Ontario, there was one job in particular that will always stand out to me.  It was the largest painting project that I had ever been responsible for.  It was painting all of the wood on a huge historical home on the main street of Guelph, and it was stressful, to say the least.

This project all started one night at a gas station in Guelph.  I was filling up my van that had large College Pro Painters magnets on both side panels.  As I finished fueling, a young man approached me.  He introduced himself and mentioned that he too had once managed a College Pro franchise.  As we talked I learned that he was restoring an old home near Guelph’s downtown.  He was interested in getting an estimate on the painting work that had to be done.  I was, of course, happy to oblige.

When I arrived at the house later in the week, I realized just how big this project was going to be.  It was a three story, turn of the century home, with incredibly detailed trim and woodwork.  There were wood shutters on every floor that the client wanted to be painted black.  There was even a turret like dormer that extended up from the roof, 40 feet up, that was to be painted as well.  Everything on this job was going to be high up and required patience and detail work.  I did my best to estimate the job fairly while taking all the unique challenges into account.  In the end the customer decided to go ahead with me and with College Pro Painters.

This project had many problems. There were not always enough tall ladders available.  There were issues with the paint colors and there always seemed to be some kind of weather issue, either humidity or rain.  The colors that were chosen didn’t always cover properly and there were often other tradespeople working on the site with us.  One day we were almost shut down by the ministry of labor because we didn’t all have hard hats.  Luckily I was able to find a large quantity of hard hats at a local hardware store and we were able to continue painting.

In the end, the project was completed.  The house still looks great to this day, years later.  It stands as a symbol to everyone that drives past it in Guelph.  A symbol of what I can accomplish, with help from College Pro of course.

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