By: Jeff Consul, College Pro Entrepreneur

Not a bad start, it is Sunday evening and I am sitting in my home office. My first week with College Pro went by with the expected glitches of training two people who have never held a paint brush before. We covered the ladders, the windows, the edging, the rolling, safety, the whole nine yards. The customers were anxious on Monday’s start; to be honest so was I. There was paint spilled, some messes were made and definitely lots of learning as well. Yet,in the end, the check was cut and our customer gave us our first 10/10! Man I love being a business owner at College Pro!

Start-Up Season at College Pro

It’s surreal sometimes. It’s stressful most of the time and fun all the time. I sit here at my desk and plan my attack to hit my goals. My team depends on my business to pay for their tuition. While the customer will be looking at the walls we paint for the next 5 – 10 years. I am 21 years old and employ people older than me.

Finally, if I accomplish what I set out to, I will be able to start thinking about buying my first property by the New Year! At 21!

Bring it on College Pro.

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