By: Nikki Borkhuis, past College Pro Franchise Owner

What it takes to be a College Pro Franchise Owner

Are you currently a college student? If so, then you are off to a good start! College Pro takes pride in the fact that we are mostly college students taking the initiative to do something many students cannot and do not do, in college or in the future. Being a business owner as a college student provides so many opportunities and open doors with the experience that is gained and personal growth that is achieved. College Pro started with a college student starting their own small summer business in Canada in order to pay for school during the only time possible, summer. It’s important to share this opportunity with other students, not only for a job during school but also to learn valuable life skills.

What about managing a business appeals to you?  Management is similar to leadership. Leadership is necessary in any line of work. You need to realize that you are responsible for every aspect of the business: financials, hiring, training, marketing, and sometimes even firing. Having a strong will to succeed and tremendous ability to work hard will allow you to succeed. If you aren’t so good at one part of a business, find a way to work around it, ask for help, get advice, and/or train others to do better. Be a problem solver.

Are you going to be willing to get your hands dirty?Being a manager or business owner doesn’t make you free from the gritty work; it’s going to consist of more work. There is no reward without work and there is no reward without risk. You may not enjoy going door-to-door or calling customers numerous times. You have to do it, and recognize why you don’t enjoy it. This job requires a lot of self reflection and overcoming obstacles. Being responsible for scheduling enough working hours for the painters you hire, providing quality training and quality services, and having a firm grasp on your financials as far as hitting budgets are all going to weigh heavy on the success of your summer.

Are you College Pro ready?

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